World Bluegrass Day – We Are Onboard.

by | 15 Aug, 2019

World Bluegrass Day

World Bluegrass DayFor those of us who are unsure, bluegrass music is a unique genre of traditional American music that developed in the 1940s in the southern regions of the United States. The style of music derived its name from the band who pioneered the genre called Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys.

Bluegrass has origins in traditional ballads and dance tunes brought to North Americas by the Scots and Irish in the early years of America’s settlement. It was also influenced by traditional African-American blues and jazz that followed. The Blue Grass Boys Bill Monroe’s band played a Mountain Music style that Bill learned in Asheville, North Carolina from bands like Wade Mainer’s and other popular acts on radio station WWNC. Monroe had many musicians come and go from his band who all contributed to his sound. However the sound of the music that Bill Monroe had often imagined was finally realised when he met a young man called Earl Scruggs and his guitarist Lester Flatt.

This year we are joining with others across the world to celebrate World Bluegrass Day – 1st October 2019.