World Bluegrass Day Video Presentations

by | 16 May, 2020

World Bluegrass DayEven though every 1st October is World Bluegrass Day, the mission is to celebrate, share and inspire others throughout the year to start listening to Bluegrass music, start playing an instrument or travel to the mountains to explore the roots of Bluegrass.

The new show Around the World with Bluegrass is going around the globe to bring the Bluegrass to you.  In preparation for World Bluegrass Day this year, organisers have produced the current video series called Around the World with Bluegrass, showcasing the variety countries engaging in the presentation and preservation of Bluegrass music.

The first video feature performances from around the world including North and South America, Europe, Japan and Australia.

We hope to bring you further videos as they are released through this exciting initiative aiming to expand the reach of Bluegrass music and helping inspire the next generation of fans, players and teachers.

The second video in the series comes from Italy to Brazil to South Africa, and beyond, see what different cultures bring to the sounds of bluegrass: