Won’t Go Quitely

by | 17 Jan, 2008

boblordIt’s All About The Fun !

Today Bluegrass Australia Blogspot features Flora and Bob Lord who are the founding members of the trio “Wont Go Quietly” – so named because they have decided to devote their ‘vintage years’ to the persuit of acoustic music. They gave up the corporate life and took up their instruments again, after a 20-year break from music. Together they spent 6 years traveling and discovering the ‘other Australia’ via the outback and the Alpine regions. Of course they took their mandolin, mandola and guitar with them and played whenever they could.

Bob and Flora soon met Don Gula, a long-time muso of many genres, who also had taken refuge from his professional life in his music. It didn’t take long for good chemistry to occur. All 3 thought music was for fun and enjoyment, and was at it’s best when un-amplified. Playing tunes with a story attached made it easy to be with the audience. We liked a whole range of music but we preferred stuff that is not amplified and has a tradition of being music that all share and have fun with – whether they feel they are good at it or not.

Feeding bluegrass to horses

A couple of years ago they were in North West WA at 80 Mile Beach and Bob decided he would give their caravan park neighbours a rest from their jamming by wandering to the far reaches of the huge park and picking there. He set up by a fence near a big paddock and began to pick. A camper came out of his van some distance away and shouted “I see you have a critic there”. Bob looked over his shoulder and to his amazement had a lovely horse breathing in his ear. It was a lovely friendly horse so Bob went back to find Flora and her trusty camera to see if a picture was possible. When they got back the horse was way over the other side of the paddock and no amount of calling from Bob or Flora or a couple of others would attract her. However, about about 4 bars from Bob playing St Annes Reel the photo attached was made possible.