Wongawilli Opera House Concert

by | 23 Jan, 2013

Wongawilli Opera House Concert

Wongawilli Opera House ConcertNews in from the Illawarra FOlk CLub is that if you missed last weekend’s Illawarra Folk Festival you’ll want to see this. If you went to the Festival then you will want to see more of this.

It’s a special one off concert this Friday, 25th Jan. at 7.30pm at the famous Wongawilli Opera House (Hall).

It features four of the Festival’s acclaimed artists who have come all the way from the USA and can’t get enough of Australian (Illawarra) audiences. People are still talking about their performance in the Woody Guthrie and Songs for Old Comrades Concerts so we’d better tell you about them.

George Mann is from New York and sings protest music in the style of Woody Guthrie among others. His concerts are part sing along, part history lesson. And be prepared to laugh cry and get angry all in the one set,

Rik Palieri has played banjo with the immortal Pete Seeger. He tells stories, loves the works of Utah Phillips, plays an array of instruments, knows at least a thousand songs and will play along with George on songs from the famous Almanac Singers (an early incarnation of the Weavers).

Dom Flemo, be the first ever Grammy Winner to perform at the club. Whats more he’s been nominated again this year with his band, The Carolina Chocolate Drops**. Dom bedazzled folk at the Festival and we didn’t think we’d see him for a while but he has put off going home for a week so he can perform at the hall.

Rick Nestler is another of the great Yank contingent who dabbles (and dabbles very well) in traditional, contemporary, original, folk, blues, Celtic, Americana and maritime genres will also be out there adding the name Wongawilli to his CV.

The Wongawilli Opera House (click here for directions) will now be renowned as the venue where any overseas artists worth their salt will demand to play.

Cost for the evening is $15 for Illawarra Folk Club members and $20 for non-members. You can join the Folk Club on the evening to get the discount. It’s BYOG and plenty of tea, ambience and coffee at the hall. Under no circumstances miss this concert.