Women In Stringbands Project

by | 30 Nov, 2017

Women In String Bands CDPart of this year’s MountainGrass Festival saw the launch of a project celebrating women in string bands in Australia and those who collaborate and support them.

ABOTMA sought to promote the participation of Australian female musicians and to inspire more women to participate and perform in playing acoustic string band music in the future.

This CD compilation comprises songs and tunes featuring Australian women playing music rooted in bluegrass, old-time acoustic string music and other related folk styles.

This CD was made possible by the generosity of the Folk Alliance of AustraliaABOTMA, Alexander Bell Sound Studios and all artists involved.

The album features well-known artists (known to this writer at least) such as Karen Lynne, Nadine Budge – The Stetson Family, Gennie Kane, Jane Germain, Kimberly Wheeler, Maria Duff – Bluegrass Parkway and Appalachian Heaven Stringband.  Other artists or bands featured in this project include Slim Dime, Kate Burke and Ruth Hazleton, Hot Diggity, Lee Liddel – Change Tree, Cielle Montgomery, Miriam Jones – Catgut, Eleanor Frith, Black Mountain String Band.

Track List:

1. Blue Mountain Rain – Karen Lynne
2. Little White Dog – Genni Kane
3. Mary Jane – Slim Dime
4. Little Bird of Heaven – Kate Bush, Ruth Hazleton
5. Big Eyed Rabbit – Jane Germain
6. I Never Will Marry – Kimberly Wheeler
7. Stop – Hot Diggity
8. Home – Change Tree
9. Let it Ride – The Stetson Family
10. I Don’t Do Floors Anymore – Bluegrass Parkway
11. Long Gone – Cielle Montgomery
12. Dangar Falls/Rockingham Cindy
13. Evangeline – Appalachian Heaven Stringband
14. Rain Winter – Eleanor Firth
15. Time Traveller – Black Mountain String Band

The project was undertaken through the Australasian Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association Inc. and managed by Kimberly Wheeler.

The album was mastered by Ian Alexander and Alexander Bell Sound Studios.