Wirrina Festival Planning Still Underway

by | 9 Jun, 2020

The uncertainty of festival development in Australia continues with doubts about this year’s Wirrina Festival in South Australia. Organisers have held off making a final decision with future movement across the country still unresolved. Some States have kept borders closed while others are opened, making it difficult and confusing to understand for organisers of any event.

Nevertheless, organisers are planning for an event which may or may not be cancelled, pending the future state of the nation’s borders and our freedom of movement based on the containment or otherwise of the Covid-19 virus.

The following texts was sent out to festival audiences this week:

Even though November is some months away, we can’t guarantee what the situation is going to be. At this point, we need to consider a few more things before we can confidently plan ahead – there are so many unknowns, between regulations around gatherings and border crossings and public health. We are keeping an eye on the situation and will need to make a decision soon. There is currently no disease in SA, but so many of you come from out of SA, and we want our community to be able to attend freely. This year is different for all of us, so if we are able to go ahead with the festival, we may need to do some things differently from what we’ve done before. We’ll be as clear as we can about that, in due course.

We want to hold a festival and have you all with us, but we also want to look after everyone so we can meet again. And we don’t want trouble, or to have to cancel at the last minute, disrupting plans. Let’s see what we can do.

If you haven’t got an application in, now (next few days) is the time to do it. We intended to close by April, but the aforementioned changes mean we’ve left everything as is. So we’re still open for applications (barely).

Thank you to those people (many of you!) who have put in excellent applications and expressions of interest – we’ll be getting back to you as from now. As above, we are not in a position to commit to anything at all right now, but we will keep in touch, and let you know what’s happening as we know.

As it’s still a wait and see situation, we may have to change what we do this year if we’re able to run a festival. We might have to discard any plans we made tentatively last year, and plan afresh. Hope you understand.

But, what it does mean is if you’ve got a fabulous idea for something you haven’t seen us do before, or that is a bit different, we could be open to it. Remember: we’re acoustic, community-based, out of town and resources are limited. As always, wi**************@gm***.com.