2020 Wirrina Bluegrass Festival Cancelled

by | 18 Nov, 2020

Joining the long list of cancelled festivals we learn this morning that the folks in South Australia have reluctantly decided to cancel this month’s festival.

Here is this morning’s missive:

Okay, we met tonight to talk this through, and the decision has been made. It’s practical, sensible, loving and safe… and sad.

Yes, we are cancelling this year’s festival, owing to the currently unpredictable situation here in SA. However, we are interested in having some kind of event or activity before the next festival, so stay tuned.

Some practical matters:

  1. As we always planned and stated this year, we will refund in full what you’ve paid for tickets. We are incurring some losses in cancelling the festival, mostly booking fees. If, and it is a genuine if, you would like to help out with that, please email us and we will deduct any donation you care to make from your refund (If we don’t hear from you, we’ll happily refund your ticket in full). It all goes back into the fund for the next festival, which will now be 2021. We’ll be starting to process refunds from next week.
  2. If you booked and paid as a group, your tickets will be refunded to the account of the person who bought them – so please liaise with that person!
  3. Your accommodation bookings at the caravan park will be handled separately by Ben & Holly. Please be patient as there are a large number of people they will need to contact. If you need proof of cancellation for other accommodation or travel providers, please show them this message but if it’s a problem, make contact with us and we will see if we can help.

Next year’s festival will be a new event of its own, and we’re not planning comprehensively for it at this stage – we need a break. But as always, we’ll send out notifications of setting a date and of expressions of interest for performers and involvement. As we said, we too are passionate about the Festival, and deeply unhappy about having to abort. So many people have put time into creating a fine event this year, with an excellent lineup of performers, and so many volunteers prepared to spend their time working to make it happen.

We offer a particular acknowledgement also to Montz Matsumoto who was willing to come from Tasmania with the expectation of quarantine when he returned home. Hopefully we will see him here in the not too distant future. Thank you all for your support and interest.

Do stay tuned, we have some ideas for the interim. And we’d be happy to hear any of your ideas too.

Get in touch: through this email. There has been interest expressed in the program we had planned. We are happy to post that on the website, share it or send it to you – to show what was planned, not to grieve over it but to celebrate the excellent year we had planned.