Wirrina Bluegrass asked Taylor Pfeiffer

by | 23 Jun, 2012

Wirrina Bluegrass asked Taylor Pfeiffer “The Banjo Girl”  What inspired her to play the banjo?

I began singing on stage when I was 5 years old.  I would sing Australian folk and country music songs.  When I was nearly 7 years old, I was watching “Skippy the Bush Kangaroo”; as soon as I heard the TV theme song for that very first time, I knew I had to play “that” instrument.  My parents told me it was a Banjo.  From that moment on, I had to play the Banjo.  I talked about wanting to play a banjo for weeks, probably annoying my parents! Banjo has just a unique sound and I just fell in love with it and all I wanted to do was play one.  For my 7th birthday, my parents gave me my first 5 String Banjo, the best present I have ever received!  So, I now had a banjo and next was to find a teacher.  We were lucky enough to find Peter Miller, who still teaches me today. My parents take me to lessons every fortnight in Adelaide, 130kms from where I live.  I have been taking banjo lessons for nearly six years and love every minute of it.  I love to play Scruggs style banjo.  My favourite Bluegrass Music is Earl Scruggs, Steve Martin and The Davidson Brothers.

I have been lucky enough to perform with The Davidson Brothers, Andrew Clermont, Kasey & Bill Chambers, Carter & Carter, Amber Lawrence, Jim Haynes Shows and more.

I love to accompany myself on my new banjo, sing and yodel.  I am sponsored by Bellbird Banjos. I play a Raintree model Bellbird Banjo which is Australian made and has the best banjo sound.

I’m a Graduate of the 2011 CMAA Academy of Country Music – Junior Course and I’ve been selected to attend the 2012 Academy course on the 29th of June.  I’m keen to further my skills with banjo, Songwriting and working with other musicians.

I wrote a song called “I Love My Style”, a song about my love for my banjo, country and bluegrass music.  I received 3rd Place in the ACMF Songwriters competition and was a finalist in the Tamworth Songwriters and Music Oz competition, all with this song.

I am very thankful to my Aussie furry friend Skippy and Eric Jupp for writing the beautiful banjo TV theme song.  Skippy was my inspiration to play banjo, and start my love for bluegrass and country music.

Come and see this wonderful young performer at the Wirrina Bluegrass Festival.