Wirrina 2020 Festival Update

by | 15 Nov, 2020

A message from the Folks at Wirrina re 2020 Festival.

Yesterday and today, we are wondering if we need to cancel the festival owing to the current situation in South Australia. We had hoped to avoid that particularly as so many of you who had planned to come, had been deprived of other festivals throughout the year in your respective areas. Here’s what we just put out on the Facebook page, and the point we have reached FOR NOW (as of Tuesday afternoon).

We, a group of humans passionate like you all about the festival, are feeling a great mix of emotions about the current situation. At present, we are holding off cancelling in the admittedly faint hope the situation may get under control in time for us to go ahead.

In terms of cancellations and costs, we have until Friday to commit one way or another; however we are aware that there are many of you who have travel, accommodation and work plans etc to consider, and so we intend to make a final call on Wednesday so that we all know where we stand.

For the record, our research and advice as of today is that government cancellation of large events is applicable to those of 1000 or more. However we are concerned, as are you, about safety issues. And we will wait and see what announcements are made this afternoon, and possibly tomorrow.

It would be heartbreaking to cancel and then find the outbreak has been contained. Granted – this is a very slim hope, and possibly all we are doing is giving ourselves as humans passionate about the festival a small breathing space to come to grips with the harsh reality we are faced with. We are aware that the community has needs for each other and for music, and intend to do our best, within parameters of responsibility, to help address those. We are contemplating a variety of contingencies, and will keep you our festival family updated as we make decisions.

This is what we’ve got for now. Very little more information, but a bit of a glimpse for you as to where we’re coming from, and why we haven’t made a decision yet. Please hang in with us while we sort out what options are viable, and how we can move forward. Much love to you all.

An answer coming by Wednesday.