Wilson Pickers – CMC Rocks the Snowys

by | 9 Jan, 2010

A self professed All-star Interstate Musical Collaboration

The Wilson Pickers are Queenslanders Danny Widdicombe, Ben Salter, Andrew Morris, and Victorians Sime Nugent and John Bedggood. They got together after a crazy idea of uniting some Queenslanders with some Victorians in the vague hope of inventing a bluegrass-style band.

The Wilson Pickers feature five individual singers/songwriters, who all embrace the spiritual feeling one gets when singing in harmony. The band creates an earthy energy by using purely organic stringed and reeded instruments.

The Australian-born lads dare not take on bluegrass traditionalists of old but instead are aiming to craft their own unique take on the bluegrass configuration of instruments and ideas which can be experienced on their debut album Land of the Powerful Owl.

CMC Rocks the Snowys – 5th – 6th March

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