What’s a Bluegrass Musician To Do – Pete Wernick

by | 14 Dec, 2020

We bluegrass pickers thrive on playing bluegrass with other people. But mean Mr. Covid has made that nigh-impossible for folks who like “moving in close” and “singing from the heart”.

Pete Wernick

Who knew that good bluegrass jamming would ever be considered dangerous? We are expecting it won’t be by sometime in spring, but sensible folks know that for now, it comes with serious risks.

Well OK, Then how would you like to have a good group of talented folks to jam with in your living room — or wherever you watch TV? Yes, the totally safe way to have a two-hour jam session this winter in the comfort of your home is:

  • Load in one of our three Bluegrass Jam videos,
  • Turn the volume up to “realistic” on headphones or speakers, and…
  • Join in with the all-star on-screen band playing bluegrass favorites at playable speeds, including “really slow.”

Do you have some reservations:

  • Don’t know the chords? They’re right there on the screen, easy to follow.
  • Want to solo? On two of the videos, there are chances to solo in every song, while the band plays backup and gives encouragement!
  • What if I mess up my solo? You’re in luck! Just back up the video half a minute to replay and try again. (You can’t do that at a real jam.) Coming in smoothly on time for a solo is a skill, one you can practice — at home with no witnesses — until it starts working
  • What equipment do I need to use it? Your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, can download or stream the video — and with headphones, you’ll be surrounded by the sounds of bluegrass. Join in…

Of course, I realize that your inbox is loaded with suggestions for “great gift ideas”, but I’m guessing you have a friend or family member who would really appreciate some of these truly special items:

Jamming for NewcomersIntermediate Jam DVD

Here is a sample from one of the DVD’s: