300th Broadcast for Wall-to-Wall Bluegrass

by | 29 May, 2010

Last weekend a little known milestone was reached in bluegrass music circles. On Saturday morning 22nd May blind Bendigo bluegrass radio presenter Geoff Morris celebrated a special event. Geoff shares his passion for talking about and playing bluegrass music with a large number of people, broadcasting Wall-to-Wall Bluegrass twice a week on worldwidebluegrass.com. Three and a half years later Geoff has clocked up the 300th show which is listened to by a large number of people in Australia and around the world.

Geoff today commented:

I vividly remember presenting my very first show for worldwidebluegrass.com on the Saturday before Christmas Day 2006. I was naturally all keyed up to present it, but as a blind d.j. I can’t use the mouse on the computer so had to press twenty-one key strokes in fifteen seconds in order to connect successfully on both streams and, surprise surprise, it didn’t connect. Hence the first show was a no-show but I chipped in and did a make-up show on the morning of Christmas Day which luckily went off well.
I received a large number of feedback emails during the show, including from many regular listeners whom I’d never heard of. One  listener from Virginia wrote to say that she would be there for the thousandth show, so I wrote back and said well, if she’d be there, I’ll be there too.

Geoff’s show may be heard each Tuesday between 11:00a.m. and 2:00pm and each Saturday morning from 8:00am till 11:00am Eastern Australian time.

Geoff has a few other achievements and highlights too which we posted here last year. Geoff and his black labradour Milo, took some time out in 2007 to visit the IBMA convention in the USA and spent time with Tom T. and Dixie Hall, and his long time hero, Doc Watson. Geoff also wrote about his trip to the USA which was picked up and published in Bluegrass Now magazine.