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Pete Kuykendall
Pete Kuykendall

Pete Kuykendall

We have received word that Pete Kuykendall, a giant in the world of bluegrass music has passed away.

Pete Kuykendall may not be well-known to bluegrass fans, but all bluegrass lovers owe him a great debt of gratitude.

Pete Kuykendall was instrumental in so many initiatives that contributed directly to the development of bluegrass music. He:

  • co-founded, managed and edited Bluegrass Unlimited (long the bluegrass journal of record)
  • he was a member of the Country Gentlemen in the band’s earliest days
  • he founded Wynwood Recording Studios and Wynwood Music Publishing
  • he was an accomplished songwriter and an invaluable historian of bluegrass
  • he produced major bluegrass festivals
  • he co-founded the International Bluegrass Music Association and worked tirelessly to help it thrive.

Pete Kuykendall was inducted into the Bluegrass Hall of Fame in 1996.

…Pete was first an inquisitive listener, then a person who would commit to action. He often would pour personal resources into the situation to help foster success, with little expectation beyond the hope to set an example that giving back to his community was the right thing to do –┬áDan Hays IBMA’s past executive director.


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