Under The Rocks – I Left

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Under The Rocks

Under The Rocks releases I Left, a high-energy, kaleidoscopic and expansive song that’s sure to make you want to move. Sung and written by Chloe Davidson, the song comes from a day full of, what she describes as, having her heart explode – in a good way.

In the spring of 2020 the band was in Nimpo Lake, Canada. With her friends beside her, nestled in a cabin in the forest beside the lake, Chloe was deeply moved by all the love and beauty in the world around her. Conquering fears, she even picked up a spider for the first time. Inspired by that day, I Left explores the depth of experience available to us when we forget about who we are supposed to be, and just exist as who we are, wherever we are, whoever we are with.

I Left is an anthem for taking the time and creating the space to ask that age-old question we cannot escape: Who am I? This song is a toe tapping journey that features Chloe’s spirited and inspired fiddle playing and is filled out by Chris Baxter banjo, Jordan Klassen on guitar, Andrew Collins on mandolin and Nils Loewen on bass.

Under The Rocks - I LeftThe band makes a big sound that tips its cap to tradition while incorporating singer-songwriter music intentionally put together with clever, inventive song arrangements, emotive instrumental breaks and powerful vocal harmony.

About Under The Rocks:

Hailing from Kelowna, British Columbia, Under the Rocks has emerged from the rolling hills and lakes of their hometown to become one of Canada’s premier bluegrass bands. Under the Rocks features Jordan Klassen on acoustic guitar, Chloe Davidson on fiddle, Chris Baxter on banjo and mandolin and Nils Loewen on upright bass.

Their shows commonly feature dancing, laughter, joyful hoots and hollers and serene moments accompanied by tears and tranquil sighs of release or appreciation. They are a heartfelt, talented string quartet that blends uplifting energy with a reflective reverence for the difficulties of reality that marries joy and sorrow and declares, Yes. Yes to all that it means to be alive on this planet, here and now.

This coming February, 2024, Under the Rocks will be releasing their second studio album, Honest Try, and touring in support of it. Davidson, Baxter and Klassen are all songwriters from different musical backgrounds who have brought an earnest energy and approach to writing twelve original songs that blend substance and flair.

This album puts their varying sensibilities on full display as it ranges through upbeat bluegrass songs, eclectic fiddle tunes and thoughtful ballads ripe with philosophical musings. The group recorded their new music over seven days in the studio with their esteemed producer – and prominent Canadian musician – Andrew Collins. The record also features Collins’ on mandolin and the Dobro playing of Miles Zurawell. The result is a recording that offers something for everyone as it boasts of high calibre lyricism, musicianship and production.


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