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Trad&Now Live! Program For Bluegrass and Old-Time Music

Trad&Now Live! is a free international streaming service for Australian folk music which has been live on air since July 2023. The project is proving to be very popular with audiences listening in from around Australia as well as overseas, particularly the USA, UK, Japan and New Zealand. There are over 5,000 tracks programmed with another 5,000 to be added by the end of the year. More music is added every week.

Trad&Now LiveTrad&Now Live! can be heard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and all music heard was originally recorded in Australia and is available on a CD available from the Trad&Now website.

Musical genres include traditional and contemporary folk music, bluegrass, acoustic blues, roots, Australiana, Americana, Celtic, world music, and traditional dance music. There is also a bit of bush poetry, all of which can be heard in many folk festivals around Australia.

This is the first such service for Australian folk music and is an ideal medium for making Australian folk music available to everyone at any time all around Australia and anywhere in the world as well. It’s like a Spotify for Australian recorded folk music – Cec Bucello.

Playlists and other content information are available on the website’s home page.

One hour long specific genre programs are scheduled on the even number hour from 4:00AM until 10:00 PM, daily.

Trad&Now! Program Schedule:
  • 4:00AM: Traditional Folk Music Hour
  • 6:00AM: Celtic / British Music Hour
  • 8:00AM: Comedy, Poetry and a bit of Protest Music Hour
  • 10:00AM: Contemporary Folk Music Hour
  • 12:00 Noon: Recent Arrivals (18 months) Hour
  • 2:00PM: Australiana Music Hour
  • 4:00PM: Instrumental Music Hour
  • 6:00PM: World Music Hour
  • 8:00PM: Bluegrass & Old-Timey Music Hour
  • 10:00PM: Blues and Roots Music Hour




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