Tony Trischka’s Fiddle Tunes for Banjo

by | 29 Dec, 2008

trischka-for-banjoMel Bay Publications announces a comprehensive repertoire book of fiddle tunes adapted for banjo, in easy to read tablature. This publication is by renowned player and teacher of the 5-String Banjo, Tony Trischka.

For the early picker to the advanced player, this book and its companion recordings – on 2 CDs – will enable the player to learn by example and broaden their technical range.

Fiddle tunes have been adapted for banjo since the early 1850’s. The explorations contained in this publication include a collection of popular American fiddle tunes and a section of Celtic tunes played in the three major bluegrass banjo styles. These Bluegrass, Old Time and Celtic banjo traditions will expand the players knowledge of the instrument and deepen their understanding of bluegrass and traditional music.

The techniques employed in this publication will build the players technical prowess and broaden their enjoyment of playing.

  • Repertoire of fiddle tunes for the early to the advanced banjo player.
  • In easy to read tablature with 2 companion CDs.
  • Expands the players¡¦ knowledge of Bluegrass banjo styles and banjo music.
  • Builds playing skills and adds variety to their playing.