Tony Rice Story – Book Release

by | 4 Mar, 2010

The Tony Rice Story Released on 12th April.

The long awaited release of the biography of one of bluegrass’s most revered guitar players, Tony Rice, is almost upon us. Industry news has the release scheduled to co-inside with Merlfest on 12th April this year.

Tony’s story is told in his own words and features memories and insights from dozens and dozens of his family members, friends, and fans with an inside look at his life on and off the road. This is a bibliography of suggested reading for serious fans. More than 100 never-before published photos. Still Inside: The Tony Rice Story might be the bluegrass literary event of the year.

Woven throughout the anecdotes and memories are excerpts from a journal written by co-author Caroline Wright, who went on the road with Tony for a couple of weeks in the summer of 2003 and again in 2005, interviewing him as he drove to festivals, clubs, and recording studios. Caroline documents his everyday life in detail, and discovers things about Tony that will astonish and intrigue even his most knowledgeable fans.

Thanks to Blue Highway’s Tim Stafford, a highly respected acoustic guitarist in his own right, this book also provides insight into Tony’s matchless guitar playing. Tim explores Tony’s technique, his timing, his right hand, his choice of picks, and much more. Tim also discusses the life and times of Tony’s prize possession, formerly owned by the great Clarence White: the 1935 Martin D-28 Herringbone guitar also known simply as The Bone or The Antique.

You can pre-order your copy of The Tony Rice Story by going to this link and entering your email address – Still Inside: The Tony Rice Story.