The Tony Rice Story is Now Available

by | 25 Mar, 2010

Still Inside: The Tony Rice Story

Weeks ago we brought you news of a new biography about to hit the stands. We heard from the publisher today that the The Tony Rice Story is Now Available

He is one of the greatest acoustic guitar players of all time, yet he’s virtually unknown outside bluegrass music. His closest friends describe him as warm and loving, and then speak in bafflement of his aloofness. He’s a distant demigod in a genre whose biggest stars are known for their accessibility. He’s a genius, a mystery, a legend in his own time.

Quotes from the book:

People think they know you because of the way you play and sing. And I am so guilty of that with Tony. I think I know who he is because of his records. I think I know what kind of person he is Alison Krauss.
Every once in a while, there are seminal figures. They don’t come along even every five years. You might, by a fluke, get two of them in 20 years. Tony’s one of those guys Bela Fleck.
I’ve never heard nobody, unless it’s Tony RiceĆ¢ – he might come close – that plays rhythm like I do Jimmy Martin.
Anything he takes an interest in, he takes it to the fullest. Whatever it may be, he wants to know everything there is to know about it Doyle Lawson
He was good, man. He was good. He just had too much talent to be somebody’s guitar player David Grisman

A decade in the making, Still Inside: The Tony Rice Story delivers Tony’s tale in his own inimitable words, and in anecdotes and observations from his friends, family, fans, and fellow musicians.

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