The Sullivan Sisters With The Henhouse Prowlers

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The Sullivan Sisters With Little Maggie

Like many emerging musicians the Sullivan Sisters, Soraya and Luciya were born into a musical family. Their father, Taimur Sullivan, is a highly respected classically trained saxophonists and is currently serving aa professor of saxophone at the Bienen School of Music in Northwestern University. He is also a founding member of the world-renowned Prism Quartet.

Soraya’s and Luciya’s mother, Allison Sloan, is also a classical saxophonist. She comes from a multi-generational musical family: her own mother and father were musicians, as was her grandmother. Growing up in North Carolina and despite their parents classical background it is perhaps no surprise that bluegrass music has become their musical passion.

The Chicago community in which the Sullivan Sisters now live, includes renowned bluegrass bands such as the Special Consensus, and Henhouse Prowlers. The Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago serves as a focal point for many bluegrass musicians in the region including Greg Cahill, the founder of Special Consensus who also teaches banjo classes there.


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