The Pigs to Crackle Tamworth

by | 7 Jan, 2016

The Pigs

The Pigs

The Pigs will begin 2016 with four shows at Tamworth Country Music Festival featuring songs from their new album. These will include their much-loved original anthems like Macho Moisturiser and Hey Christina as well as their famed Hillbilly covers versions from John Farnham to Beyonce.

The Pigs will line up as a full six-piece, with banjo, fiddle, double bass, mandolin, drums, guitars and their trademark big bluegrass harmonies.

If you’re heading to Tamworth this year for the annual country music festival, here is a chance to join Stretch Pig, T-Bone Pig, Cousin Shamus, Cousin Archie, Cousin Montz and Cousin Oink at the Longyard from the 21st to the 23rd January.

More information is available from their website.

Here is a clip of their recent appearance on Studio 10 Mornings featuring their tribute to Aussie media royalty Ita.