The News from Lake Wobegon

by | 8 Feb, 2011

News From St. Paul on A Prairie Home Companion.

Each week, Garrison Keillor shares with listeners the latest news and views from the little town where, in his words: all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average.

Garrison Keillor is the regular host of PHC and he had the chance to experience his long running radio show from the audience’s perspective. In a first for his now legendary radio variety show, Keillor took a guest spot and let someone else host.  Nickel Creek’s Sara Watkins hosted the show on the 15th Jan from St. Paul’s Fitzgerald Theatre.

Keillor appeared as private eye Guy Noir and Lefty the cowboy and delivered his usual News from Lake Wobegon.

I have never gotten to see the show myself.  I wanted to stand in the back of the hall and watch for a few minutes – Garrison Keilor.

A Prairie Home Companion is heard on almost 600 public radio stations world wide and attracts over 4.3 million listeners each week.

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