The Middle East – Bluegrass?

by | 5 Apr, 2010

I ran across this review of an Australian Band from Townsville in Qld. with some bluegrass music influences called The Middle East. The ‘About’ section of their website simply offers: ‘We’re from Townsville, Australia and we play music’ – their site is scant on detail.

Currently touring with Mumford and Sons, a band we have also posted on, the band played in Texas last week and is reviewed in The Austin Music Source by Pete Mongillo:

…some bands settle on a fairly narrow sound and stick with it, while other dabble in different genres, forging a chameleon-like identity. Queensland, Australia-based band The Middle East falls somewhere in between. While their sound might generally fall into the hopelessly broad category of roots rock, the band is all over the map within that field, pulling from bluegrass, folk, country and blues rock – The Austin Music Source

You can read the full review here The Austin Music Source .