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by | 10 Nov, 2008

David Grisman & Eastman Strings Collaborate – The Dawg Collection.
Grisman and Eastman Strings are collaborating on a new line of acoustic instruments called The Dawg Collection by Eastman.
Based on rare examples from David’s personal collection, the line is inspired by classic instruments from the Golden Age of American luthiery, as well as new designs by contemporary builders.

As Dawg explains, “I don’t think the world needs another attempted Lloyd Loar mandolin copy. I’ve always enjoyed the diversity of obtainable voices from many other worthy designs, past and present, like those I explored sonically (and historically) on the Tone Poems series of CDs for Acoustic Disc. I’m also very impressed with Eastman’s commitment to both quality and value, in addition to their interest in producing some of these fabulous instrument designs.

The first model in the series will be available on November 1, 2008. In collaboration with Italian builder Corrado Giacomel, Eastman will build a mandolin inspired by Giacomel’s J-5 model that the Dawg is currently playing with his quintet.

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