The Burning Bridges – Whippoorwill

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The Burning Bridges

The Burning Bridges Release Whippoorwill.

The Burning Bridges hails from Melbourne, Victoria and delivers a traditional style of music incorporating old-time, bluegrass and country offerings. The band features Peter Somerville on banjo, resophonic guitar, acoustic guitar, and vocals; Fran Martin on guitar and vocals; Tom Somerville on guitar and mandolin.

Whippoorwill is the  third album from The Burning Bridges and features a fresh crop of (10) original songs written by Fran Martin, plus  a handful (4) of reworked traditional and old-school country numbers from the likes of The Carter Family and  Hillman Hall.


Cover design by Fran Martin

This latest album features Peter Somerville on banjo, guitar resophonic guitar and vocals; Fran Martin on vocals; Tom Somerville on guitar and mandolin; Craig Woodward on accordion; Justin Vilchez on mandolin and guitar; Maxine Sutcliffe on double bass; Kat Mear on fiddle and also Paul Gadsby on double bass.

Whippoorwill was recorded at lan Alexander Studio and Incubator Studio in Melbourne and mixed and mastered by Mark Hughes and features some great fiddling from Kat Mear and blistering mandolin breaks by Justin Vilchez. Old-time and cajun king Craig Woodward puts down some classic cajun breaks on accordion.

Whippoorwill features classic two-part vocal harmonies from Peter Somerville and Fran Martin. Their voices blend together so well to deliver a seamless old-time sound that takes you back 50 years or more.

The album features Peter’s legendary banjo playing and his 14-year old son Tom Somerville’s rock-solid mandolin and guitar. The songs evoke classic country themes of love and betrayal, redemption and damnation, relating stories that are at times contemporary in their social concerns, but always timeless in their emotional impact.

This album is a sure to please those hankering for some good old, home-made folk and country music from one of Australia’s best family bands.

Whippoorwill Track Listing:
1. Bullets In My Back
2. Rising Tide
3. Whippoorwill
4. Gold Watch and Chain – A.P. Carter/ Peer International
5. Big Old Love
6. Little Maggie – Traditional
7. Clinch Mountain Home – A.P. Carter/ Peer International
8. Once In a While
9. Pass Me By – Hillman Hall/ MCPS
10. Caroline
11. Restless Heart
12. Gentle Waters
13. What About You?
14. Strange Things

Preview, listen to and buy The Burning Bridges’ Whippoorwill here.


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