The Bluegrass Standard July 2022

by | 2 Jul, 2022

The July issue of Bluegrass Standard is all about independence, celebration, and redefinition.

Maria Ivey’s story gives us an insight into what it takes to become an independent, successful artist in this crazy, competitive music business.

We see that Bounds and Determined is the perfect name for this group and how the names for bands like The Lil Smokies and Cedar Hill evolved so quickly. Amanda Anne Platt tells us how bad poetry can lead to good lyrics, and Abigail Lapell shares how darkness can lead to light.

Read about Jeremy Garrett’s music experimentation and the spontaneous flexibility of Coral Creek String Band, former TBS member Amanda Gore’s new chapter with the dynamic forces of Tomorrow’s Bluegrass Stars.

Read too, about the merger of Carter Vintage Guitars and The North American Guitar.

This month’s edition also celebrates Townes Van Zandt’s legendary musical genius and the repurposing of Appalachia coal mine land.

The folks at Bluegrass Standard are working hard to provide the issue on two platforms. Each issue runs on and the website.