The Bluegrass Hotel Project Stumbles

by | 16 Mar, 2009

the-bluegrass-hotelSam Bush and others withdraw from the project.

In October last were we were advised of the Bluegrass Hotel Project aimed at a New Grass Revival & Bluegrass Alliance. The proposed project features Sam Bush, Vince Gill, Dan Cary, Curtis Burch and other former members of the New Grass Revival & Bluegrass Alliance who were to participate in The Bluegrass Hotel Film & Recording Project. which was launched at the 2008 International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) convention.

In 1973 to 1981, the Bluegrass Hotel was home of Mr Harry Bickel a dentist and banjo picker. Harry rented rooms out to bluegrass musicians during the Newgrass era, in Louisville. During this time the hotel was visited and lived in by, among others, Sam Bush, Vince Gill, J.D. Crowe, Curtis Burch, Courtney Johnson, Dan Crary, Tony Rice, Bela Fleck, Jerry Douglas, J.D. Crowe, Doyle Lawson, Tony Williamson and Jack Lawrence.

This press release – dated 11th March 2009 – was posted on Sam Bush’s website:

Sam Bush announced last week that he will not be participating in the Bluegrass Hotel Project and will not be performing at the festival in Louisville, KY on March 20, 2009.
There has been considerable misinformation and falsehoods disseminated regarding Sam’s decision, and it is time to set the record straight. First, Sam will not be performing at the festival. For many weeks, the Producer of the Project has used Sam’s name and likeness without his permission. Despite being advised of Sam’s decision on March 5th, the Bluegrass Hotel website continues to list Sam as one of the featured performers. The website’s information is not correct.
Further, Sam’s decision not to perform had absolutely nothing to do with money. Contrary to statements posted on the internet by the Project’s Producer, Sam has never requested to be paid anything, including what is being fraudulently reported as requiring a $10,000.00 fee as an executive producer. Any statements to the contrary are false.
For several months, Sam had been unsuccessful in his attempts to obtain information relating to the Project’s financial and legal structure and unable to substantiate that all necessary agreements, clearances, and approvals had been obtained for completion of the Project.  Accordingly, after extensive consultation with legal counsel, Sam reluctantly decided he could not go forth in such a manner of chaos and liability.
Sam Bush Website 11 Mar 09

Various news outlets including The Bluegrass Blog, Cybergrass and The Bluegrass Journal have all delivered the news of Sam Bush’s withdrawal from the project. Others are also now rumoured to be with drawing from the project. Cybergrass and The Bluegrass Blog report that Jack Lawrence, Tony Rice, John Cowan have announced that they have withdrawn from the project.

The Bluegrass Hotel Website has this notice posted atop its homepage:

Sam Bush will not be able to perform at The Bluegrass Hotel concert for personal reasons. All of the other performers are confirmed, including the addition of New Grass Revival member Pat Flynn. The Bluegrass Hotel All Star band performance features Dan Crary, John Cowan, Curtis Burch, J.D. Crowe, Tony Rice, Pat Flynn and Tony Williamson. – Bluegrass Hotel Website, 13 Mar 09.