The Blue Grass Boys To Get Back Together

by | 30 Apr, 2010

Bill Monroe’s Blue Grass Boys are getting back together.

From the period in the late 1930, through to the late 1990’s the number of people who had fronted Bill Monroe’s Bluegrass Boys would have had numbered than 70 members. Those band members are set to play once again at this year’s annual festival held in Daviess County called River of Music Party to be held in June this year. The festival, scheduled for 23 to 26 June and is one of two such events celebrating Monroe’s musical legacy.

The other event is to be held in Ohio County, where Monroe was born in Rosine Kentucky, on 13 Sep 1911 and buried there in 1996. Ohio County is planning activities at Monroe’s homestead in Jerusalem Ridge in September.

Along with the festivities, officials in both counties are collecting oral histories related to Monroe and bluegrass music.

If your in the USA at this time there’s and event or two not to miss.