Ted Lehmans Pictorial Review

by | 7 Jan, 2009

Ted Lehman is a special guy whose life seems to be about reading books, travelling to festivals engaging with people and taking photos. The sort of job any bluegrass fan would want.

Fortunately for us Ted does this very well. Last year he brought us an array of pictures from his various destinations which we alerted our readers to. This year’s the same. Ted’s blog currently has an array of photos that once again will put faces to names and… In Ted’s words:

I started out to put together a portfolio of pictures I wanted to call ‘Best of 2008’. As I worked through my photos, I realized there were too many I liked for me to call them the best or to call them anything else.So there’s a collection of pictures that I’m proud of. I know that some of your favorites aren’t here, but these are the ones that particularly appealed to me as I trolled through my files during the last couple of days. I hope you enjoy them. Ted Lehman.

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