Ted Lehmann 2012 Retrospective

by | 18 Dec, 2012 | 1 comment

Alison KraussEvery year at this time I look forward to hearing news of Ted Lehmann’s pictorial retrospective. Ted is a retired English professor whom I met on visit to the USA a few years ago. He has a variety of interests however, travelling the USA with his wife Irene, listening to and playing bluegrass music is perhaps the one that consumes most of his time. I think there may not be a festival in the USA that he has not attended, or is about to. The outcome of these excursions, for us, is an amazing collection of bluegrass festival photos.

Ted Lehmann has delivered his 2012 photo retrospective in three parts:

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  1. Ted Lehmann

    Thanks so much, Greg. We’d both love to come down under to sample the music there, but, alas, it’s probably not to be. – Ted (and Irene)