Sunshine Song From Lindley Creek.

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Lindley Creek New Album Release

Bluegrass group Lindley Creek just unveiled the new video for their latest single, Sunshine Song.

Lindley Creek’s new track will serve as the final release from their debut Pinecastle Records album Freedom, Love, And The Open Road, which came out in mid-2020. Produced by Jim VanCleve, the recording is perfectly timed to send positive vibes out into the world just as the weather is beginning to get warmer.

Fans can download and stream the song/album here.

The straight-ahead Bluegrass single Sunshine Song is all about spreading positivity. Written by Jase and Kathie Greer, the empowering lyrics send a happy tone to listeners as winter is finally coming to an end. Shot on location in the Rio Grande Valley in the deep south of Texas while on tour in early 2021, the video showcases the picturesque beaches of South Padre Island and the fragrant orange groves. It even includes a scene driving down the road in a rare James Bond 007 Thunderbird.

Lindley Creek – Sunshine Song Video:

The single serves as the follow-up to their breakout single I Gotta Go, and second single The Mockingbird’s Voice” which showcased a more tender side of Lindley Creek. Even 11 months after its initial release, the lead single currently sits at No. 3 on Roots Music Report’s Contemporary Bluegrass Song Chart, while the project has made it all the way up to No. 2 on the Contemporary Bluegrass Album Chart as well. The band has also made multiple appearances on the Bluegrass Today charts, while the album currently sits at No. 10 on the Bluegrass Unlimited album chart, while I Gotta Go continues to charge its way up the song chart.

The Missouri based band is currently back in the studio recording their sophomore album, which will serve as the follow-up to Freedom, Love, And The Open Road. Fans can expect to hear the first single from the album in late spring / early summer. It will also be released via Pinecastle Records and produced by Jim VanCleve.


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    I am looking for the lyrics to Sunshine Song (especially the first few lines)