Strzelecki Stringbusters Wrap Up the Year at Yinnar

by | 14 Dec, 2011 | 6 comments

Strzelecki Stringbusters

Strzelecki StringbustersThe Strzelecki Stringbusters held their last monthly Yinnar Pub show for the year recently, and what an evening it turned out to be.

With the dinner plates still clanking, and patrons jostling for drinks at the bar, the night kicked off with the 30-strong Stringbuster’s Bluegrass Beginner Band performing all songs learned during the year.

For the uninitiated, this large ensemble of mainly new musicians has sprung from the Stringbuster’s beginner sessions which commenced in March 2011. Over 9 months, with an average of 35 people attending each session, participants were introduced into the world of music-making in a relaxed and informal setting, with an emphasis on just having fun.

Next up were The Strzelecki Stringbusters who laid ‘em in the aisles with their unique mix of irreverent humour combined with truly terrible music (only jokin’ fellas).

Spokesman Gary White announced to the crowd that the previous month’s donation of $900 to help the family of local disabled girl Sarah in travelling to the National Disabled Sailing competition had produced dividends, with Sarah proudly presenting her 1st place certificate.

By 8:45pm the stage was set for the evening’s main act, Bluegrass comedian Pete Denahy, and what a show he delivered. Some acts seem to custom-made for specific venues, and having caught his show at Beechworth in August, it was immediately obvious that Pete & the Yinnar pub crowd would be a match made in heaven.

From the outset, Pete had the audience in stiches with an in-depth report on his failures at the Tamworth Golden Guitar awards over a 20 year period. Over the course of the next 75 minutes, both with and without instrumentation, he had the crowd in stitches as he lead them through his ‘silly’ songs, including Out the front of Target Blues, The Shopping Trolley Song and his big hit Sorta Dunno Nothin’.

Peter DenahyThese funny tunes were counterbalanced well with several ‘heritage’ style straight tunes that displayed his high-end song writing abilities, and great vocal delivery. Combined with his razor-sharp comedic timing, and several straight-up bluegrass tunes where he showcased his skill on the fiddle (with Tim O’Brien’s version of Workin’ On A Building a particular highlight), Pete’s performance left 250 people yelling for an encore, and ensured plenty of interest after the show.

He leaves the Yinnar pub as the only act to silence the entire pub during a performance, and will be welcomed back next year when his band Monroe’s Mill calls through Yinnar.

The evening concluded with the customary ‘all-in’ set, where the main act (and whoever else makes it through security) jumps up with The Stringbusters to wind the night up. Publican and master of the English language, Trevor Hornibrook, finalised proceedings by thanking the Stringbusters for their community contributions during the year, and stated that, although the band is much-loved by the Yinnar crowd, Pete Denahy had “Sh_t all over ‘yis tonight!”.

Enough said.


  1. Bert Kokshoorn

    In simple words I just want to thank all the boys for the fantastic entertainment they have provided for a whole heap of people including myself, I was never much into music etc. but having been involved with the Stringbusters for quite some time now I absolutely love it and it has made a huge difference in my life, thank you Stringies for opening my eyes to a wonderful world of music, and I very often now end any email or facebook entry by saying “Music makes the world go round”


  2. Jenny

    Can you please email me when strezlecki string busters are playing again. My husband a big fan

    • Gary White

      Hi Jenny,
      The Busters kick off 2012 this weekend at the Bass Coast Shire Agricultural Show in Wonthaggi at 11pm, we are also playing on Australia Day at 8.30am in Yinnar. We will be kicking off the last Wednesday of the month gigs at the Yinnar hotel on Feb 29th and have got a special show in the pipework at the Yinnar memorial hall with bluegrass legend Peter Rowan and his band March 25th. You can send your emails to st***********@bi*****.com and I will sned you a band update.

      Gary White
      The SSB

  3. Gavan Dinsdale

    I was one of the beginners lucky enough to be involved in this initiative from the very start of 2011. The whole experience was full of positives…members of the Stringbusters were always in attendance in force and individually to support all instrument types and playing styles. And just about every living generation was represented. We were put under the hammer by John Werner whose drive and enthusiasm swept everyone up and propelled them along, making great music and having fun, and oh what fun! Good natured banter and comebacks, hilarious situations and bloopers all contributed to everyone enjoyment. Community spirit is alive and very well in Yinnar.

  4. Lachie Davidson

    Way to go Trev! haha Master of the English language!

  5. Gary White

    What a great night and a fantastic year.

    A very special thank you to John Werner for his passion, skills, drive and enthusiasm to get the “beginneers group” up and running to the point of producing a fantastic and truly community performance. I think it really highlights where those Strinbusters get alot of their drive from.
    Also a huge thanks to Greg Mcgrath for providing us with the best online Bluegrass/Old Time resource in the country. Keep up the great work.

    Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year to all.