Strzelecki Stringbusters – CD Recording

by | 28 Oct, 2009 | 7 comments

Arnie’s Barn – Strzelecki Stringbusters

News from Gippsland’s Strzelecki Stringbusters is that they have just spent the past weekend recording tracks for their new CD. This project follow their 2008 album, the highly successful, Scrubby Forest Run. Prior to this they released their 2007 debut album Somethin’ To Crow About.

The recording sessions took place in a loft, over the barn owned by Stringbuster fiddle player Arnie Young. Arnie owns a farm in the  flats of the rural town of Yinnar. The sessions were punctuated by random gunfire at pesky wildlife,  turkey gobbling and a huge BBQ that kept the boys well fueled.

Band leader, Ray Negro, was the only casualty from the weekend with a broken tooth after biting into a tic-tac which showed a sure sign of approaching old age.

The tracks compiled for this CD includes new tunes learned during the year, a few old favourites which were given the once-over and also features country music stalwarts Neville and Aileen Boothman, both in their 70’s. Local banjophinist Greg McGrath also joined the Busters on several tunes. All added their own flavours to the rich Strzelecki Stringbuster tapestry John Werner, Stringbuster

The Strzelecki Stringbusters were formed in 2004 and are continuing to gain notoriety as a highly entertaining 13 piece String Band across Victoria. The busters are scheduled to appear at the 2010 Beechworth Festival and recently performing at Melbourne’s regular Pickin’ at the Piggery.


The Stringbuster’s latest album Arnies Barn will be released in early December. For those wanting to order your copy early, contact Gary White on ph: 0427 631 217 or email the Stringbuster’s publicity agent  20*****@bi*****.com">Gary White.


  1. Stephen Loss

    A dammed good plan!!


  2. Greg

    Now that sounds like a plan.

  3. John

    Looks perfectly natural to me. Pretty sure the previous ratio of 1:5 is on the increase to 1:4 (leftys to rightys)….we ARE on track to eventually rule the world!
    See you both at Harrietville to debate the matter over several refreshments….

  4. Editor

    LOL – only from where you stand. If you take a close look, the odd one out is the awkward righty…

  5. Stephen Loss

    I agree but they play backwards!!

  6. Editor

    Yep, they are extremely talented, loving, carefree, creative and inspiring people. You’re point being?

  7. Stephen Loss

    Bloody left-handers!