Strzelecki String Busters New CD

by | 17 Jan, 2008

ssb1 Something To Crow About

The Strzelecki String Busters have released their debut CD. The band have been playing together for around 4 years. While the name of the band is reflective of some local Gippsland geography the pronunciation with challenge anyone from outside Victoria I suspect.

This group was formed as a result of jam sessions in band member’s Ray Negro’s shed which, given the size of the group (14 at last count), must be quite large.

The band members are:
Ray Negro – fiddle, guitar, mandolin
John Werner –
upright bass
Danny Boothman – Dobro, banjo
Gary ‘Rainbow’ Roberts –
Arnie Young –
Mick ‘Tank’ DeBono –
ssb2Will Laaks – harmonica, guitar
Glen Davis –
Michael Saulle –
Andy Taylor – guitar, mandolin
Red O’Donnell – guitar, mandolin, shaker

Rod ‘Rocket’ Couling –

James Smee – guitar, kazoo, shaker
Darryl ‘Big D’ Hewitt – banjo, mandolin, guitar

All members contributed to vocals (10 different lead singers) and harmony; which, given the size of the group is surprisingly disciplined and tight.

To quote the Stringbusters: ‘We have taken our time, but here it is. Our debut CD is chock-full of Ol’ Timey string band music, country blues, and a few other well known tunes that have been given the SSB’s treatment thrown in for good measure…’