Stolen Instrument Alert

by | 25 Feb, 2009 | 2 comments

andrewsguitarAndrew Clermont has reported that his guitar was stolen this month.

His guitar, a  Terada Acoustic Guitar (pictured right) was stolen on Saturday morning early on the  SA/VIC border just south of Bordertown so could be headed in either direction.

Identifying features include an AGA Phase 2  preamp/ pickup system installed, visible in on the top left of the picture above and  it has chunky fingerboard inlays. it’s a Martin look alike with ‘Terada’ inlayed on the headstock. It was in a Maton (big imprint) case with a Dya Singh sticker along with a few others. It has a black guitar strap with a red patch and gold Chinese characters printed on it.

Please, please keep an eye out and spread the word as it is extremely rare, very identifiable by it’s headstock & preamp, and likely to turn up anywhere. I’ve had it all it’s 28years.  Tragic but it’s happened, all the festival was in shock. I’m still in shock. This is the guitar I won all my Bluegrass Guitar Championships with in the 80’s, older than my children, bought by my family for me at the end of high school.  It’s irreplaceable. I’m sure it will turn up, hope you can help, yours ever musically, Andrew Clermont   Ph 0407753809.


  1. John

    Man, that’s gotta hurt! Sure hope you get it back