Still Inside: The Tony Rice Story Review

by | 18 Jul, 2010

Here’s another review of the Tony Rice Story by Lonesome Road Review.

Until this remarkable book by Tim Stafford (a great guitarist, singer and songwriter in his own right) and Carolyn Wright, I knew little of the man who has stood as the master craftsman of the bluegrass and acoustic guitar for about 40 years, taking time to also carve out a niche as one of the finest bluegrass lead singers ever.

In short, this book – which is exceedingly well-made and attractive – is everything you ever wanted to know about a musical giant, with the material presented clearly and readably by Stafford and Wright. It will send you to your record collection for the Rice that you do have, and to eBay, County Sales or the record store for what you don’t. It’s a major piece of bluegrass and acoustic music scholarship that belongs on any music fan’s bookshelf Aaron Keith Harris.

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