Steve Gulley and Tim Stafford Release

by | 21 May, 2010

Rural Rhythm Records has advised us of the upcoming new album by Steve Gulley and Tim Stafford. Dogwood Winter. The album is comprised of all original songs by this award-winning songwriting team. The first single, Just Along For the Ride is being serviced to radio and available now via Airplay Direct.

Gulley and Stafford’s songs have been recorded by many artists over the years including Through the Window of a Train, winner of the 2008 IBMA Song of the Year, and recorded by Blue Highway.

While Steve and I have been fortunate to have quite a few songs cut by various artists over the years, this record began as a vehicle to get our songs out there that,with one exception, hadn’t been previously recorded. We picked 14 of our best tunes that we felt would be a good cross-section of our work, and the record, from the beginning was going to be all about the song. Since most were bluegrass, we decided to enlist our friends Adam Steffey, Ron Stewart, and Justin Moses to help Steve and I lay down grass tracks that would highlight those songs. Our tastes are eclectic, and we ended up having two tunes that needed arrangements that featured percussion from Mark Laws and, in the case of Nebraska Sky, Michael Alvey’s great piano playing.  Dale Ann Bradley added the heavenly harmonies where we needed a trio with a female Tim Stafford.

Tim Stafford is a current and founding member of award-winning Blue Highway, a band continuing to celebrate significant success, with all five original members in tact.

Gulley also explains the origin of Dogwood Winter:

This recording project is, quite simply, two good friends and writing partners recording some of their songs in the way they heard them when they were originally written. It was truly a great experience to record and create a collection of music that was all original. Tim has been my primary writing partner for years – as well as a one of my best friends. Besides being a good friend and collaborator, Tim is one of best musicians on the planet, so it was really cool to finally get to work with him in the studio on our own project. I think this a singer-songwriter record in every sense of the word. There’s traditional bluegrass, country-flavored tunes, middle-of-the road ballads and stripped down arrangements with just guitar and vocal. It’s a wide variety of styles but has one underlying theme or focus – the songs themselves – Steve Gulley.

Gulley is a current and founding member of the award-winning band, Grasstowne who also have a new album releasing on Rural Rhythm later this year.

Click the audio player below to hear a sample.

Just Along For the Ride

Rural Rhythm also advises that new updates on Dogwood Winter will be posted soon on the Rural Rhythm website.