Sonny Osborne Tribute on Southern Style

by | 3 Nov, 2021

Sonny Osborne Passes

Jan Dale will be broadcasting a special event next Tuesday, 9th November. The broadcast is a special tribute to the late Sonny Osborne who died last month, leaving the bluegrass world with one less banjo and bluegrass legend.

Jan Dale - Southern Style

Jan Dale PBS-FM

Sonny Osborne was born in the coalfields of eastern Kentucky and like so many folk from that region, the family relocated to Dayton, Ohio. Sonny Osborne’s father, Robert Osborne took to working at NCR Corporation while farming part-time. His love of country music was passed on to the three children, Bobby, Louise and Sonny. Sonny and Bobby became the heart of the now famous bluegrass duo, The Osborne Brothers.

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