Song Central Call #5

by | 24 May, 2009

Song Writers –

Here’s a place where you can store, manage, develop and showcase your original tunes and songs to industry users.

Musicians, producers and song users –

Here’s where you can source, sample, shortlist and select original songs and music for that next album.

Song Central was developed by songwriters who understand the difficulties of having new work considered by industry representatives. This site provides you with storage and backup facilities for your music and unlimited opportunities to have your material showcased and heard by people in a position to use it.

Song Central now provides the network, so the songs and the music can do their own walking and talking. For the first time in Australia, songwriters and composers have a place to market their music to a wide range of people who are in the business of using it.

I wasn’t sure when I first found Song Central that it would yield much in the way of any real opportunity as it was a new site and I had heard about some US sites making promises of getting your songs heard where you end up hearing nothing. But to my surprise, the experience with Song Central has been quite the opposite. For a start, the operators of the site were responsive and communicative when I had a question and then the site published a tender to which I submitted a couple of my songs.

Following that I was contacted by the industry user responsible for the tender offering to pitch some of my songs via his publishing company both locally and in the US. Since then he has put me in touch with an artist with whom I am currently co-writing for their next project. Needless to say, I don’t regret joining Song Central one bit …. I think it is a great site for networking and making the sorts of connections that can lead to the results and opportunities we’re all looking forAndrew Cochrane, Songwriter/Composer/Producer member on Song Central.