Silent Guitar by Yamaha

by | 16 Dec, 2010

Yamaha SLG110 and SLG130 were recently announced as replacements for the popular SLG100 and SLG120 range of Silent Guitars from Yamaha.

The Silent Guitar concept is unique to Yamaha and was created to deliver a high quality solution for those requiring a portable, or silent, guitar. Silent Guitars feature a novel detachable frame, which can be quickly disassembled and then reassembled. The result delivers a guitar that can be taken and played absolutely anywhere.

There are two models in the new Silent Guitar range, the SLG110 and the SLG130. SLG110 is comes in two variants, either nylon strung or steel strung. SLG110N denotes nylon strung whereas the SLG110S denotes the steel strung configuration. SLG130 only comes nylon strung and offers the feel of a true classical guitar.

SLG110 and SLG130 were crafted by master luthiers and come with quality pickup systems. They also feature an onboard digital effects processor. With SLG110 and SLG130 you can simply hook up your headphones and play in complete bliss without disturbing anyone around you. Check out the new range of Yamaha SLG110 and SLG130 Silent Guitars at