Scrubby Forest Run – CD Release

by | 21 Jan, 2009

The Strzelecki Stringbusters New CD


This is a locally produced (Gippsland) CD. I need to state that up front, as the quality of this recording is outstanding.
From the haunting vocals and mournful mandolin accompaniment of the opening track; Bob Dylan’s Well, Well, Well, to the closing phrases of Hank Williams’ I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry, this album delivers a consistent colourful tapestry of musical surprises.

This band is made up of some 14 musicians, although I believe the number varies according to family commitments. Nevertheless, each band member brings their own style and musical preferences to the mix. It is not surprising therefore, that this CD presents a variety of music from blues, country ballads, Cajun, old-timey and bluegrass.

The CD’s liner notes read: Our hearts and minds are filed with a passion for the music of places like Appalachia and the southern states of the USA with it’s African, American, Celtic and French influences. When we get together, it’s the passion for this land, this music and each other that pervades our music making. We hope this joy and enthusiasm is reflected in this collection.

One thing that becomes abundantly clear in listening to this CD,The Strzelecki Stringbusters have a great deal of fun playing their music. This album is a celebration of their heritage, traditional music that they love , music making together and above all years of friendship.


ssb21 Well Well Well
2 Got Me A Woman
3 Hallelujah
4 Le Jugglers Valse
5 Hot Corn Cold Corn
6 Hey Good Lookin’
7 Ramshackle Shack
8 Bonaparte’s Retreat
9 Old Joe Clark
11 Vicksburg Stomp
12 Lost Highway
10 Senor 13 Scrubby Forest Run
14 Trails & Troubles
15 The Heathen Song
16 Walkin’ Down The Road
17 You’ve Gotta Move
18 Every Humble Knee Must Bow
19 Worried Man Blues
20 I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry