Save Radio Adelaide

by | 6 Dec, 2015 | 1 comment

Save-Rad-AdWe received this news from South Australian radio presenter Bill Lawson this morning:

Bluegrass radio in Adelaide is under threat. Radio Adelaide has aired Bluegrass Unlimited, presented by Bill Lawson, for nearly 30 years to a sizeable and dedicated following; it’s the only bluegrass on radio in Adelaide. The licence is held by the University of Adelaide which is seriously considering closing the station down as a cost-cutting measure. This would be a huge blow to bluegrass (and community radio) in Adelaide, because apart from playing the music, the program is the only vehicle in Adelaide to promote gigs by local and touring bands.

Bluegrass lovers throughout Australia are urged to help keep our great music alive in Adelaide by signing the online petition, which takes about 1 minute. Go to the Save Radio Adelaide Website to help. The petition closes on Friday 11th, so please don’t delay.

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  1. Ruth Hunt

    I am a subscriber to Radio Adelaide. Am an ‘oldie’, in age, & have not been able to connect with the online petition at various time tried.
    I appeal for it to remain operating as it is such an important part of my life & very informative as well as giving so much musical pleasure.