Sandford Festival Stage Fundraising Project

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Sandford Festival

The Sandford Festival Stage Fundraising Project In Need Of More Help

The Sandford Bush Music Festival is raising money for a new stage these past few months. Fundraising for the project was going well and looked promising for festival organisers. However, the fundraising has now slowed down to a stand still.

The Sandford festival is now in it’s eighth year and brings together a diverse group of bush, folk, Celtic, country and Bluegrass musicians, bush poets, artisans and artists for a celebration of bush culture and living. The project is to procure a replacement for the ageing, homemade stage which is sadly deteriorating to a point where it has become unsafe.

The Australian Cultural Fund project through which the fundraising project operates, runs for 90 days and that time is close to expiring.

Committee members are still trying to to drive this project as hard as they can, but right now we need to give it a bit of a jolt to see if they can regain the project’s early momentum.

While the new stage will be a vital part of future Sandford Music Festivals, it will also be made available to other community groups as required.

To date fundraising has raised almost $2,000 of the $7,000 needed to finalise the project.

If you are looking to make a tax deductable donations before the end of this financial year, this may be a perfect opportunity. Unless otherwise requested all donors will be publicly acknowledged and profusely thanked.

The link to the fundraising page is here.

Organisers would really appreciate any help or suggestions that you may be able to offer. If you have any questions, requests, suggestions etc. please email here.


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