Rural Rhythm’s 55 Year Celebration Album

by | 6 Nov, 2010

Rural Rhythm Records has released the Word & Music Video.

Part I of the Words and Music Video features interviews conducted by Mark Newton with Sam Passamano, Jr. (President, Rural Rhythm Records), Lou Reid, The Crowe Brothers and Sammy Shelor.

It also includes performance clips of:

  • Lonesome River Band with special guests Josh Crowe and Wayne Crowe performing Roll in My Sweet Baby’s Arms
  • The Rural Rhythm All-Stars performing Graves Mountain Memories and Groundspeed
  • Lou Reid & Carolina with special guest, Russell Moore performing Lonesome River

Part II of the Words & Music Video featuring interviews conducted by Mark Newton with Russell Moore, Carrie Hassler and Audie Blaylock, and performance clips.

Performing in the video are:

  • Russell Moore, Lou Reid and Audie Blaylock performing Once More;
  • Carrie Hassler, Brand New Strings with special guest, Brandon Rickman performing Head Over Heels
  • Lonesome River Band and Audie Blaylock performing Hold Whatcha Got and
  • The Rural Rhythm All-Stars on Graves Mountain Memories

These scenes were filmed on 4th June, 2010 during the Graves Mountain Festival of Music where the The All-Star Jam – Live at Graves Mountain was recorded.