Rock Hearts’ New Release

by | 9 Sep, 2020

Rock Hearts New Release

Don’t Let Smokey Mountain Smoke Get In Your Eyes.

Here is a new release from New England band, Rock Hearts. Don’t Let Smokey Mountain Smoke Get In Your Eyes.

The group previously released their charting, debut song, 99 Year Blues from their forthcoming debut CD, Starry Southern Nights, produced by Ned Luberecki. That first single debuted at #14 on the Bluegrass Today Weekly Airplay Chart.

Don’t Let Smokey Mountain Smoke Get In Your Eyes is available on Spotify, and  iTunes

The Rock Hearts sound is steeped in tradition, delivered by the skilled and passionate hands of five veteran musicians.

Produced by Ned Luberecki, Starry Southern Nights, will be released later this year.

About Rock Hearts

Joe Deetz’s career as a banjo player spans more than 40 years. A New England Bluegrass Boy with Joe Val, Joey has also worked with Frank Wakefield, John Herald, Back Eddy and many others. He has recorded with John Herald, Will Scarlet, the Beach Boys and Carol King. Joey was also featured on the Sesame Street recording of, The Garbage Man Blues. His tasteful, yet driving banjo and harmony singing helps to define the Rock Hearts sound.

On guitar is Alex MacLeod, who grew up in and around bluegrass. His father played in the band, and mom clogged with the Ralph Case Cloggers in Maryland. With a classic leading voice and solid rhythm guitar playing, Alex has fronted several bands in the region including Northern Lights, Southern Rhode, Back Eddy, and the Iron Skillet Band.

Billy “BT” Thibodeau boasts an undeniable bluegrass pedigree and he brings the high tenor and lead vocals, along with fastidious mandolin playing and splendiferous guitar playing. A multi-instrumentalist, Billy has been picking and singing bluegrass for decades. Cutting his teeth with his Dad, Sam Tidwell and Uncle Bob in the Kennebec Valley Boys, he would later lead his own band, The Bill Thibodeau Band. He has also played with the Bluegrass Supply Company, the Descendants of Bluegrass and Union River Band. In addition to performing, Billy teaches music.

Making a name for himself with Chasing Blue, Maryland-native, Danny Musher is a highly sought-after fiddler in the New England area. Danny picks a mean mandolin and guitar, but mainly provides the fiddle, high-intensity chops, lead singing, and a sharp, discerning ear to the group.

A regular on the Connecticut/New York bluegrass scene, Rick Brodsky has played bass for numerous regional and national artists including Jonathan Edwards, Jeff Scroggins & Colorado, The Korey Brodsky Band, Stacy Phillips & the Bluegrass Characters, and Laura Orshaw & The New Velvet. You can hear Rick’s bass playing on several of Ben Freed’s highly acclaimed banjo albums and more recently on Korey Brodsky’s 2015 album. Rick is a multi-instrumentalist who has played in multiple genres over 35 years.