Ringtone Royalty Rate Gets Big Boost

by | 17 Nov, 2008

Here’s some great news for when Bluegrass Music makes it to the Ringtone Download Top 40.

Songwriters and music publishers say they’re pleased with a U.S. Copyright Royalty Board ruling issued Thursday that sets a higher rate for ringtones but keeps a 9.1-cents mechanical royalty on all other music, including compact discs and digital download services.

The board set a 24-cent royalty on downloads of musical ringtones for cell phones, which were expected to bring in $510 million in retail sales in 2008, according to BMI. Those royalties previously had been included in the 9.1-cent rate, but the songwriters wanted an increase and got more than they had asked for, said Steve Bogard, president of the Nashville Songwriters Association International.

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