Rick Lang – A Tale To Tell

by | 26 Feb, 2022

Rick Lang

Rick Lang has released his long awaited album, A Tale To Tell.

This captivating collection of story songs from Grammy nominated songwriter Rick Lang on his debut album with Dark Shadow Recording, is brought to life with the incredible vocal talents of Tim Stafford, Shannon Slaughter, Becky Buller, Trey Hensley, David Parmley, Stephen Mougin, Luke Munday, Kati Penn, Alan Bartram, Brandon Rickman, Jana Mougin, Rick Faris, and James Kee.Tale To Tell - Rick Lang

Really hope folks enjoy listening to this new collection of story songs, all of which are based on true stories and real life experiences. Stephen Mougin and I have been planning this album for years. He did a brilliant job overseeing and producing this new creative work. I’m eternally grateful to all the performers for sharing their talents and bringing these songs to life – Rick Lang.

Many years ago, when Rick Lang brought me this idea and a huge collection of his writing, I was immediately hooked. The opportunity to breathe life into these songs, curate a stable of known and lesser-known vocalists, and then release it on our DSR label was too much to resist. Rick and I share a New England heritage and this project features story-songs, most of them true, with a heavy emphasis on tales from that region. I’m proud of the album we’ve created and thankful to all of the amazing performers who helped bring “A Tale To Tell” from concept to reality. I think folks are going to really enjoy this peek back in time to the hardships, love, determination, and perseverance of past generations – Stephen Mougin, producer.

About Rick Lang:

A native of New Hampshire, Grammy nominated songwriter Rick Lang has become well known in the Bluegrass community and beyond. His songs have been covered by some of the most renowned artists in Bluegrass music, Southern Gospel and even the Jazz world. Over 100 song cuts to his credit, including some album title tracks, and the number keeps growing each year. Although many of his songs are self-composed, Rick has collaborated with several other notable writers in the Bluegrass and Gospel music field in recent years leading to additional album cuts, some featured on his newest recorded works.