Rhonda Vincent and The Rage Powerless

by | 19 Oct, 2010

Rhonda Vincent and the Rage were performing at the first 1st Annual Bloomin’ Bluegrass Festival in Farmers Branch, Texas this past Saturday, 16th October 2010.

At the introduction to their first set the power to the stage failed and the band was left un-amplified.Not wanting to disappoint the audience and no idea how long the power outage would last,  the band featuring Hunter Berry, Mickey Harris, Aaron McDaris, and Ben Helson, quickly made their way from the stage, and started playing among the many people in the audience.

Captured on video and posted to that veritable archive of all things visual, you can watch the scene as it unfolds on YouTube.  Check out the  videos which captures the final moments of Rhonda Vincent & The Rage performance, and the exact moment when the power went out, the sound system went off.

While the band played, Rhonda walked the entire audience area, handing out Martha White T-shirts. When she rejoined her band, she led the audience in a moving acapella version of Amazing Grace, and even coached the words to a young boy as he sang with her.

You can also view Part 2 and Part 3 of this event.