Retro 78 – Black Vinyl 45

by | 1 Feb, 2023

Retro 78 Black Vinyl 45

Folks will likely remember Retro 78 as they exploded onto the Bluegrass scene in early 2022, winning the coveted SPBGMA International Band Competition.

Retro 78 Black Vinyl 45Just signed to Ram Cat Records as their flagship band, Retro 78 is releasing their debut single Black Vinyl 45  for their new label. Written by Trey Ward, the tune surely suits this band with its uptempo melody, steady drive, and theme. Ram Cat is very proud of their new signees:

Ram Cat Music is thrilled to release the outstanding debut single, “Black Vinyl 45” for our newly signed band, Retro 78. Their high-energy stage show, skilled instrumentation, and soaring vocals embody all the qualities we were looking for in a flagship group. They have an innate ability to put their own “retro” style spin on many different styles of acoustic bluegrass music and always leave the audience wanting more with their gospel and classic country arrangements. They are certain to become a fan favorite and a household name on the bluegrass scene in no time – Kim Robins, Owner, Ram Cat Music, LLC

Black Vinyl 45 paints a nostalgic picture of days gone by while listening to our old 45s on a Sears record player.

Black Vinyl 45 is the true story of a young bluegrass musician learning to play before the digital revolution. The guys in Retro 78 immediately understood what the song was about and fearlessly articulated that experience  – Trey Ward, songwriter.

Magic happened when we put that needle down, on that little black disc spinning ’round
Looking back I’m not surprised how it all changed my life, thanks to Sears and black vinyl 45.

Retro 78 Members:

Clint Groves – Lead Vocal, Lead Guitar
Hunter Motts – Banjo
Kevin Street – Rhythm Guitar, Tenor
Jacob Jackson – Mandolin
Jacob Turnbill – Fiddle
Mike Street – Bass, Baritone

The forthcoming, self-titled EP was recorded and produced by Alan Bibey, Maggie’s Crib Studio in Myrtle Beach, SC, and mixed and mastered by Steve Wilson Music in Westminster, SC for Ram Cat Records.

Their name, Retro 78, fits them perfectly. They can make a brand new song traditional but with their own unique spin. Their band’s win at SPBGMA in 2022 was no surprise with the abundance of great singers and players in this unit. I think the sky is the limit for these guys. I’m a fan – Alan Bibey.

Black Vinyl 45 is available for download now at Airplay Direct by DJs or for a WAV file request click here, and will be able to be streamed or downloaded worldwide on Friday, January 27th from all of the popular online distributors. Radio programmers can contact the label directly for a Wav file download link here.

Following the worldwide release on Friday, the band will be celebrating with a special Release Party during SPBGMA at the Music City Sheraton, Nashville at 1:00 PM EST in the Edgewood Room, hosted by Ram Cat Records. Early-release copies of the full EP will be available to attendees for purchase. Additional co-hosted events taking place in the room throughout the day include a Songwriter Spotlight in the morning hours from 10:00-12:00, featuring two of this year’s SPBGMA songwriter of the year category nominees, Edgar Loudermilk and Daryl Mosley, along with other award-winning, chart-topping composers, Tim Raybon, Aaron Bibehauser, Jim Hurst, David Morris, Zack Autry, and Dawn Kenney. At 3:00 PM the pre-release festivities continue with a rare Nashville appearance from the Bibelhauser Brothers, who will be sharing some pre-release copies of their new recording Close Harmony on CD and Vinyl before they become available worldwide on February 10th.

About Retro 78:

One hot evening in August of 2021, a fun jam turned into a journey of music creation and adventure that six friends never imagined possible. Retro 78 immediately found that together they were a super energetic, incredibly skilled collaboration of artists that not only performs, but also writes and arrange a mix of modern & traditional bluegrass, gospel, and country music. Retro 78 seeks to continue developing its sound with that classic bluegrass music feel from the 70s and 80s and bring a high-energy experience to its audience. The band is made up of powerhouse vocalists and experienced musicianship from Clint Groves on guitar and vocals, Hunter Motts on banjo, Jacob Jackson on mandolin, Jacob Turnbill on fiddle, Kevin Street on guitar, vocals, and Mike Street on bass, vocals.

Retro 78 took out first-place trophy at the acclaimed SPBGMA International Band Competition in 2022, among a pool of tough competitors. Since then they have spent their time dialing in on original music for future projects, recording their new self-titled EP, and signing on as the first new band for the Ram Cat Record label. Needless to say, it’s been a very exciting year.