Redland’s Wrap-up from The Tashians

by | 20 Jul, 2009

tashiansUSA’s Barry and Holly Tashian were among this years Redland’s Festival guests and I got to chat with them on the Saturday night prior to their concert performance. Their workshops and performances were a treat and enjoyed by many over the weekend. I asked if it would be possible to give us an insight into their experiences here upon their return to the USA. Returning home from Redland’s they had a three day stop over in Los Angles to attend the screening of America’s Lost Band the story of The Remains, Barry’s rock group from the ’60s.

From the Redland’s Bluegrass Convention to the Hollywood Film Festival, we had a BIG journey. We absolutely loved being at the Redlands Bluegrass Convention.

We found the campers were all very friendly, fun to be with, interested in the workshops, good pickers, polite and totally enjoyable. I’m sorry to say we didn’t stay up late and jam on Saturday night, although our bass player Ross Sermons tells us that he and Gary Brown picked into the wee wee hours with the Wayward Sisters (Sue and Lou). On Sunday we had a chance to play with these delightful ladies and share some songs from the ’20s and ’30s with them. What a hoot!

One of the highlights for us was performing in the big tent aided by a near perfect sound system. Hurray for the single mic. And hurray for the terrific audience. The Coolgrass band was among my favorites, with their very wicked sense of humor. I hope they get to perform in the US, I think the American audience would love what they do.

My advice: Don’t miss this convention, it’s a top quality event… and the food was great too.Holly Tashian,