Recording Ausgrass History

by | 19 Mar, 2016


The History of AusgrassAusgrass is slowing going up on FaceBook at the rate of one year’s event per month.

Included in the pages are all the photos taken, from Bargo in 1992 to Tumut in 2009.

Also included are promo videos run on local TV stations to promote the event and in time
some clips from DVD’s and CD’s produced during the event.

Ausgrass spent a lot of time testing the suitability of venues, changing to meet changes in age and accommodation requirements and eventually ran out of puff, pushing against difficult times on my farm and my own bout of illness. I did receive assistance from IBMA and am grateful for their confidence in efforts. Andy Owens, Nancy Cardwell and others at IBMA, assisted my efforts, so Thank You.

There were some fabulous times, with outstanding American guests. A number of current Australian performers and current music events got their start or worked out how after Ausgrass. Each venue had some outstanding feature. The last at Tumut was my preferred venue on account of the vintage theatre but the press of persons attending the Council Festival resulted in huge pressure on accommodation in the town.

I am struggling with the demands of making a living and finding time to sort through a mountain of material. I appreciate any extra material folks may have but cannot guarantee publication without some guide as to who, when and where the material was sourced. I have been in touch with the American guests and they have encouraged me in this venture.

Howard Miller, founder Ausgrass Music ConventionĀ© 1992-2016.

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